Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What? You mean gun ownership actually REDUCES crime?

People don't like the idea of possibly getting shot. Did you realize that this applies to criminals to a far larger degree than law abiding citizens? Criminals get really freaked out when law abiding citizens start carrying guns that they know how to use. No really, check it out. The rate of sexual assaults fell when women started carrying guns in Florida. But you don't have to take my word for it. Doot doot doot (That joke is lost on anyone not familiar with Geordi LaForge's Reading Rainbow.)
When sexual assaults started rising in Orlando, Fla., in 1986, police officers noticed women were arming themselves, so they launched a firearms safety course for them. Over the next 12 months, sexual assaults plummeted by 88 percent, burglaries fell by 25 percent and not one of the 2,500 women who took the course fired a gun in a confrontation.
And they didn't even fire a shot. Far be it from me to assume to know the motivation of another person, but I'm betting it's because these guys didn't want to get shot. Criminals are generally not the most intelligent of characters, but they know that if they attack someone that is armed then they are likely to get shot. As mentioned before, people don't really like getting shot. I mean, it doesn't seem like a real good time to me.

By the way, my .357 returned from Smith & Wesson on Friday. I went to the range.
Wanna mess with me? I didn't think so.


instinct said...

hmmmmm.... looks like you're squeezing you grip when you fire and it's dropping your shots to the left. :)

Otherwise, nice pattern. Now go out and get some human shaped targets and do 'two to the chest and one to the head' practice.

Jennifer said...

You're right and I'm working on that. Saturday's shots were better.
The human shaped targets are much bigger and easier to shoot

Anonymous said...

Jennifer -

Found your blog via Rachel.

I'm an officer in Michigan, and teach at the range. Here's a suggestion:

Flinching goes hand in hand with squeezing. Have a rangebuddy load random blanks, hand the weapon back to you and fire it. You'll know in an instant if you flinching.