Sunday, March 2, 2008

Domestic Distress Call

Help! I've lost a graphic novel! Actually 2 of them, but it's 2 copies of the same thing. One is actually intended as a gift. Shh-don't tell my brother-in-law. I put them in the home office, and I have absolutely no idea how I could ever lose something in a room that looks like this:

I would swear that I put them on top of my comic book boxes. There on the left side of the picture, under our range bag (the blue back pack crammed between the boxes). Or maybe they are there between my computer towers under my desk. The one in the foreground of the picture is a Windows XP/Debian Linux dual boot HP. The one in the background is my Mac G4. (Yes, Instinct-a Mac. And I'm writing this entry on my Mac iBook in the living room) I'm a nerd, and a disorganized nerd at that. Guess I didn't really need to point that out since I already made reference to my comic book boxes. Oops, went off on a tangent there.

This room is a perfect example of what happens when domestically-challenged random creatives get married. I would love to claim that this is the exception, but I would be lying to you. There is a hair dryer, a dremel-style tool, and a four drawer file cabinet in the kitchen. I don't know why anything ever gets lost here.

My mother-in-law will be mortified, and since I just found out today that she is reading my blog, I should probably clean up the place. I'll hide the laundry and get the toilet paper out of the living room before she shows up. Maybe the shirt she gave me today should be hanging in my closet rather than from the leg of the coffee table standing in the dining room. But there is still hope! In order to work a day off of his 3 week grounding, my son cleaned the bathroom. He even cleaned the mirror. Check out his work.

I think he earned the shortened sentence. There's hope for us yet!

My husband, after asking if I was also planning to share pictures of our dirty underwear, suggested that I should make a game out of these pictures. So, here is a list of some unusual things found in these 2 pictures. The first person that can locate them all will get kudos from me, and I will tell everyone else that reads this blog how incredibly cool you are. Maybe, just maybe, if I can find something interesting to send, I will send you something random from one of these two rooms. Don't hold your breath on receiving it though. As I've pointed out before, I am the queen of procrastination and I'd hate for you to be asphyxiated. See, I really do value my readers.
1. Cat butt (extra points if you know the cat's name)
2. Bi-Plane kite
3. Leather tools
4. Saxophone playing blue M&M
5. Peace Lily
6. Wine Corks
7. Pinkish-orangish candle
8. Something made with cucumber
9. Dandruff shampoo
10. Outdated digital camera
And the bonus: Uninstalled Mac processor (no, you won't get this as a prize. You can't have the cat butt either)


instinct said...
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instinct said...

Well, the cat butt is behind you in the bathroom, and it’s Emerson’s butt I think.
The bi-plane kite is the pink and green thing near the bottom left of the office photo.
Blue M&M guy is still locked in his cardboard and cellophane prison and is sitting on top of a ‘special edition’ box against the wall.
The peace lily is behind the lamp near the window – coincidentally, that’s the same plant that Sgt. Nicholas Angel carries with him all the way from London in ‘Hot Fuzz’ – Hey, it just hit me, OK.
The wine corks are inside the lamp – you guys need to cut back on the booze. :D
The candle is just barely sticking into the mirror in the bathroom. Down on the bottom left in what looks like a black, multi-candle holder.
I will have to guess on the cucumber one and say that it is either the bottle in the bathroom with the red band on top, probably a face wash, or your head…. Either I think is a valid guess. :D
The dandruff shampoo is almost a pass. I figure it’s either behind you in the shower caddy, or sitting on the counter – can’t tell
The camera is under the blue M&M guy.
And the mac processor is underneath the monitor.

I need to get a life or something...

Jennifer said...

Wow! That's pretty good. You do need to get a life. The cat butt is actually Ferrule and the processor is not under the monitor. I am impressed though.

Jennifer said...

That's a graphics card under the monitor.

instinct said...

You are impressed by my extreme dorkiness. :D