Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Woman's Right to Choose

This is one of the most heartbreaking things that I have ever read. Michelle Malkin covered it very well today.

The issue of side effects, particularly of the emotional kind, of abortion is one generally ignored by the main stream media. This poor girl was a victim of a crass and callous system that puts its own agenda ahead of the rights of women and children. Yes, I said ahead of the rights of women. This girl went to the hospital terrified and told them that she didn't want to kill her babies and yet the doctor went ahead with the procedure, offering her no more counseling than a phone number.

Understand that I believe whole-heartedly in a woman's right to choose. She has every right to choose whether or not she has a child and that right reaches all the way through to conception. Women today have the obvious option of not engaging in activities that could result in pregnancy. They also have pills and devices easily accessible to control the family size. Personally, I am choosing not to have another child at this time and so therefore I take a pill every day. I know that there are those that would tell me that my choice is wrong, and I respect their feelings in the matter. I am a happily married working mom and so abstinence is not really a viable option for me. I'm not ready to take the more permanent step of sterilization at this point in my life. Since I do work full-time outside of my home, I do not feel it would be fair to my son to divide my already limited time with him. I'm also not one of those women for whom motherhood is a defining characteristic. I love my son, but I've never really been much of a kid person. I deeply respect the women with large families, but I do not believe that is what I was designed to do. That being said, I also believe that God is far more powerful than my birth control. If it is in His will that I have another child, then I will. I would not ever, ever terminate a precious life that God had entrusted to me.

What really gets me here is that the so-called 'pro-choice' movement isn't offering a choice at all. Rather, they try to convince women who are already at their wits end that the child growing inside them is nothing more than a ball of cells to be removed. They are selling death to a woman looking for answers, but it's alright because they package it like its nothing more than a tonsillectomy. Emma's story is not unique, but these are the things liberals don't want you to know. It doesn't look good for their 'caring' image. It doesn't help their agenda. If people think and feel they do not make good sheep.

The fact is that they don't care. The human life has no value. And these people want to manage your health care. No, I would not like fries with that thank you very much.

So please, left loonies, go sterilize yourselves to save the environment. Hmm, who was the last person to use sterilization and population control to advance their agenda? Oh that's right! It was Hitler. Funny, he was pro-gun control and anti-Jew too. Sounds like he was a far better embodiment of leftist ideals than JFK ever even thought about being.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jennifer's Head Can Occasionally Swell

That's me. Fairly typical look too. I blow dried the hair creating my unruly but still fun mop, and no make-up. This would be the standard weekend look. It does still include fabulous shoes, but my bathroom mirror is not full length. Yes, my bathroom mirror is in desperate need of a good cleaning. I have never claimed to be domestic. Change out the jeans for some slacks or a skirt and you've got my usual work look. Since you had only seen me in my profile picture, I thought you should see what I look like on a normal day. The profile picture was taken almost two years ago at my best friend's wedding. As her maid of honor, I had to actually do my hair and make-up for the big event. Well actually, another friend did my hair. It has never looked like that again.
So now you are thinking, "Um, Jennifer? Are you ever going to get to the point? Do you even have a point?"
Yes actually, I'm glad you asked.
One of the guys that works at the local gun range worked with Michael several years ago. This was a couple of jobs before Michael met me. Upon reuniting, the conversation was the standard.
Old Friend: Hey Mike. Good to see you. How have you been? You've lost hair since I saw you last.
Michael: I've been good. Yeah, that figures since the last time you saw me I was about 17. I'd like you to meet my wife Jenni.
Old Friend: (shakes hand) It's nice to meet you. (turns to Michael) You've done well.

Every woman knows that "You've done well" in that situation is really man code for, "You're wife is cute (or hot or pretty--something complimentary)." We accept the polite compliment and don't think anything else about it. The part that makes it funny is what happened on a later visit. At this visit, the old friend makes it a point to pull my husband aside, and in a stage whisper to make any four year old proud says, "I think your wife is hot!" LOL! I love it.

Well not 2 weeks later, I take my department out for our monthly departmental lunch. The conversation turns to the upcoming audition coming through Oklahoma for America's Next Top Model. One of the girls says, "I think Jennifer should try out for that." No, I am not in her chain of command. She goes on to tell me that she thinks I'm so pretty and that she thinks that I could just wear anything. She proceeds to tell me that she has always said that. All the while I am trying to come with a polite response that doesn't sound like I'm full of myself or self deprecating. I went with the honest response, I actually tried the modeling thing and it just wasn't for me. I stifled the voice in my head that was laughing and screaming, "You couldn't do that! You're 5'4", almost 30, and you've got cellulite and stretch marks! I don't think that's what Prada is really looking for this season." But you know, when they finally decide that the heroin waif is not so pretty, then they can give me a call.

I'm enjoying the compliments lately. I'm sure my head will swell enough to throw me off balance at which point I will topple over into something embarrassing like kitty yak which will bond to my hair and thus negate any inflated image built.

On a side note, I did jog around the block today. I'm still short and almost 30, but the cellulite will not win! And no, I still did not clean the mirror.

Queen of Procrastination

Yes, that title is all mine. I have earned it fair and square. I'm off work today, Monday, February 25th. No special reason, just burning my last vacation day before it expires on my anniversary next month. Would you like to know what I am doing?
What worthwhile thing that has been sitting in the corner of my living room taunting me?
I'm signing and sending out my Christmas cards. No, not early. I purchased stamps for them back in December. I even printed all my address labels. They must go out now before the price of stamps increases again. Besides, I'm tired of Santa staring out at from below shiny clear plastic.
Maybe if I get them sent, I can finally say good bye to winter! That's probably been the problem all along. By keeping me shivering, maybe I would be reminded of Christmas and send the jolly elf on his way. Hand cramps be damned! I'm shipping these out today!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dear Sunny Part 2

Dear Sunny,
Emerson wanted you to see his classy side. Although he is tough and knows how to use his claws when needed, he is also able to host a diplomatic state dinner.
Emerson knows that you are reviewing applications for the right running mate and feels it is important that you understand what kind of cat he is.
Emerson is very concerned with the economy. He lives within his means. He has a nice three tier cat tree with two catnip balls. Although he would have been approved for the full cat-castle with hammocks, ropes, and multiple towers, he didn't get it because he understood that interest rates will change and he would soon be over his head. Therefore, he does not feel compelled to bail out the selfish morons that can't understand basic economics. If they need to sell their castle and move into a kitty condo, tough. They will have learned their lesson and won't make the same mistake next time.
Emerson and I have spent a lot of time discussing the entitlement crisis that exists in our society. It is just in kitteh's (and doggies) nature to take the treat when it is offered. He admits that he has even accepted treats that he did not earn. His proposed solution is to return charity to the private sector. Those that have earned their treats will then have the option of sharing them with those less fortunate. But if they choose to keep their tuna (or pork) all for themselves, they have that right as well. In this way, citizens can choose what charities they want to support. If they want to hand their surplus treats out freely with no questions asked, they have that right. But if they want to only support charities that are working to return the less fortunate to the work force and thus tax paying citizens, they have that right as well. A capitalist nation has no responsibility to feed those that do not work. The government is not in the business of charity.
After discussing health-care at length with Emerson, he reminded me that he would still prefer to never, ever ride in the vomit inducing vehicle only to be poked with something sharp while they tell him what a good kitteh he is. He did remind me that it is a far better experience when it is his turn than with the interloper. He did state that some changes should be made. First of all, the price of a medical procedure should be the same whether you come in to pay for it in cash or if it will be paid by your insurance company. This would allow people (and wage earing dogs and cats) to use personal savings as their own medical insurance. Also, insurance companies should be able to compete across state lines. In this way, the free market will naturally regulate the rates without costing tax payers.
Since Ferrule was mentioned, Emerson felt he must tell you more about the brat. Since it is apparent that he has been granted amnesty by the home owners, he felt it was necessary that he learn the rules of the house. And these rules must be enforced. As evidence of the training and enforcement given to Ferrule, Emerson submits this picture of Ferrule pooping in the toilet.
No, he does not flush as he is too easily entertained by the swirling water and the humans don't want to pay for that.
Emerson would like to invite Sunny to have a drink with him and discuss matters further.
Sunny/Emerson '08

PS. Emerson does not believe that our souls are broken.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Attention TMobile Customers Updated

Get the word out! I read this on Rachel Lucas's site. This is outrageous.

T Mobile vs. Gymboree
February 10th, 2008
by Doug Miller

Two weeks ago tonight I had visitors from out of town. My daughter, my son-in-law and my 2-year-old granddaughter came to visit. My son-in-law was in the Navy, and they were transferring from Virginia Beach to Ingleside. We were all glad to see that they were going to be living closer to home.

They left my house about 8:30pm and headed north on 377—the “back way” to Lake Dallas, where my ex-wife lives—to spend the night.

They didn’t make it.

They were struck by a car trying to pass in a no passing zone in Roanoke and my son-in-law and granddaughter were killed instantly. My daughter was careflighted to JPS and had emergency surgery. She will make a complete physical recovery.

In the last two weeks, I was tasked with more items to complete than I can even remember. Besides making the funeral arrangements, one of the menial tasks was to replace my daughter’s phone that was destroyed in the accident. I figured, no problem, I’ll run to TMobile, her provider, and get a loaner. I’ve done this multiple times with my employee’s phones, I’d run to AT&T/Cingular and pick up a phone until we could get a replacement off EBay or some other used phone outlet.

The “gentleman” who is the manager of the TMobile store in Southlake told me under no circumstances could he give me a phone. I wasn’t authorized on my son-in-law’s account. I explained to him that my daughter had just gotten out of ICU and was needing a phone to make some phone calls. Not going to happen. I told him that I was willing to give them my credit card to secure the phone, but to no avail.

When I explained that the United States Navy had cut all sorts of red tape to make my task easier, they didn’t care. When I told them the DFW National Cemetery had gone out of their way to make things happen on our schedule, they didn’t care. They wouldn’t budge.

I called TMobile when I got home, got a sympathetic person on the line and was told she would try to get a phone out to my daughter. She also encouraged me to send a letter to the CEO. I did, and was so angry I FedEx’ed it out Monday morning.

Tuesday I got a call from somebody at the company headquarters…but got the same answer. No dice…no phone…no bending of any of the rules. In fact, they had cancelled the order that the customer service agent had placed on my behalf. I explained to the “lady” that I could very easily go get a new account from AT&T and have a lot less stress in my life; she didn’t budge. I told them what I thought of their company, hung up the phone, called my AT&T rep and got my daughter set up with a new account in 5 minutes.

I told the people at TMobile that I would tell everybody what a bunch of douchebags they are, and hence the post.

Let me tell you a story about how customer service SHOULD work.

My son in law returned from deployment in November of 2007. My daughter had ordered a little navy outfit for my granddaughter to wear during the homecoming ceremony and her wish was for my granddaughter to be buried in this outifit. Problem is, their household goods are being shipped from Virginia to Corpus, and there is no telling where they are.

My wife and I came home from the hospital and searched, only to find that it was apparently last year’s outfit and had been discontinued. We searched EBay, and couldn’t find one in the size that was needed and didn’t have any luck on Craigslist either.

I sent a desperation email to Gymboree customer service about 1am on Friday morning, letting them know of the situation and asking for help. They responded Friday with an email stating that they would do everything in their power to try to find one, but they couldn’t promise anything.

Saturday morning the supervisor of Customer Service called my wife crying…telling Shannon they had found the outfit, had pooled their own money and they were FedEx’ing it to us immediately. We offered to reimburse them, but she refused. She had a two-year-old of her own, and the story of what happened to my granddaughter touched her and she wanted to hep.

I have sent the CEO of Gymboree a letter via FedEx telling them what a great bunch of employees they have, and they should be proud. TMobile can rot in hell.

I would also like to take this moment to thank the fine people at the Roanoke Police and Fire Departments, the Keller PD and Fire Department and the fine people at Careflight. Without them, my daughter wouldn’t have made it. I am forever in their debt.

I am writing this from my Blackberry and so apologize for any awkward formatting and spelling errors. I will clean it up when I am able to use more than my thumbs. Fellow blog writers, please repost.

I have finally made it back home to the Mac and have use of all fingers. The thumbs have returned to their rightful purpose managing the space bar. I will re-iterate, please get the word out.

If you would like to help the family in any way, they ask for prayers, and if you wish, donations to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in the name of Josh and Maddie Adkison.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I will Not be intimidated

The life of artist that created this image has been threatened by radical Muslims. Yes, Mr. Westergaard has received death threats from radical practitioners of the 'religion of peace'. Michelle Malkin is again calling bloggers to show their solidarity by reprinting their choice of Mohammed cartoons.
Some people find this image offensive. Some may think that I am being insensitive to their religion. Let me explain. I mean as much respect by posting this image as the person holding this sign.
Or maybe one that has one of the lovely sayings like, "Death to infidels." I hold them is as high esteem as they hold me, a woman with a job that is not afraid to speak her mind. A woman who was not afraid to write this in October of last year.
I will not be intimidated by those who wish to take my freedom. I will not be intimidated by those who continue to kill their wives and daughters as an act of 'honor.' I am not afraid.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear Sunny

Dear Sunny Lucas,

With all of the turmoil happening in the election, Emerson has decided he would like to enter the race. Although he is not interested in the presidency at this time, it has become abundantly clear that what the candidates need is a strong running mate. Someone that both compliments and balances the presidential candidate. After researching those in the running, Emerson humbly requests that you consider him for your running mate. That is, if you can get over the obvious urge to eat him.

Here are some of the reasons that Emerson is specially qualified to be the running mate of Sunny Lucas:

1. What better way to gain the kitteh vote? You are a strong and yet polarizing candidate. Although many of the felines agree with your views, it is difficult to vote for a dog in office.

2. Emerson has very strong feelings about illegal immigration. Emerson came to live in his home through the appropriate channels. He was rescued by Pets for Friends and adopted through their partnership with PetSmart. Fees were paid and legal hoops were jumped through. Life was good for Emerson until almost 2 years ago. Emerson's human felt sorry for a little underfed, flea-ridden, nearly hairless wild kitten and brought him into the house. Ferrule skipped all the appropriate channels and was suddenly given lap time with the human. He still remains in the house to this day. Here he is wearing a Saint Patrick's Day t-shirt hanging out with the beer.
It's difficult to tell from the picture, but I promise that he is nothing more than a freeloading bum that has stolen his human's affection. He steals the treats and runs away with the toys. Something must be done before more like him are allowed to enter Emerson's home. Emerson proposes putting up a fence and posting guards to check his humans (especially the mama one) for freeloading stowaways. The guards will pay for themselves with the money saved because the humans will not have to feed the freeloaders. The established, legal adoption/immigration program works quite well and controls the flow of ingrates. It needs only to be enforced.

3. As I am sure you can tell from the picture, Emerson is definitely anti-gun control. Gun control laws only serve to limit law abiding citizens and does nothing to prevent crime and protect the innocent.

4. Emerson understands that we are a country at war and must finish the task at hand. Otherwise, our national security would be compromised.

5. And finally, Emerson believes that, like him, all politicians should be neutered (or spayed). He believes that this is the most efficient and reliable way to prevent distractions and scandal that would tarnish the office of the President of the United States.

Emerson is very serious about this request and is anxiously awaiting your response. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

By the way, Emerson is not a big fan of pork or green beans so there will be no risk of him trying to get in on that action.

Sunny/Emerson '08

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Berkeley vs The Marines

The Problem

As you may have expected, I have a solution. And being a blogger, I am in such a position of authority to present my solution to all who might deem it worthy of reading.

I think the Marines, actually all military entities, should listen to the protesters and council members and immediately vacate Berkeley. I think they should bow to the city pressures and create a city with absolutely no military presence. I know what you're thinking, hear me out. I think they should then make known to the entire world that the US military has no presence in Berkeley. The military should remain absent from Berkeley until such time as the opposition to them is no longer present.

I give it two weeks.

Notice I did not say that the military should not return until they were invited back. As soon as the unfriendly people of the world learned there was a place on US soil with absolutely no military presence....well let's just say the opposition would be begging and pleading for the Marines to return to kill those "Exciting and Unusual People." The appropriate ass-kissing would be offered. But, as I said, the military should not return until these people are gone.

Think of the tax dollars that would be saved. Anyone with a brain in Berkeley would follow the Marines out. We can let the resources of one of our enemies eliminate some entitlement hungry moonbats. Then the Marines can come in and wipe out the enemy without all the travel expenses. Everybody wins!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jennifer's .357 Magnum

You know, I've mentioned that I purchased a new gun, but I've yet to show you. Shame on me. Do you want to see it?
Of course you do, don't be silly. It's a brand new Smith & Wesson Performance Center 627 8-shot. It's got a Hogue grip and gold bead site straight from the factory. It comes in a nifty aluminum box. There is a reason I haven't shown you though. After shooting 32 rounds out of it (16 .357 Magnums and 16 .38 Specials), I discovered a chip in the frame. This is obviously a flaw that Smith & Wesson is sure to take care of for me, but it just made me sick and I didn't want to look at it for a while. That and my shooting was terrible immediately after having the flu. I was still weak and should have know better than to go to range, but it was new and I hadn't shot it yet. But my performance was not up to par. These things combined made me not want to think about it for a few days. I'm better now. I am nearly back to my pre-flu energy level and have accepted the fact that Smith & Wesson will be taking care of it and everything will be alright. (By the way, the flu sucks. Especially when all 3 members of your household get it at the same time. Makes everything stink too) So, without further delay, here is the new gun.

Jennifer’s .357 Magnum

Another one bites the dust

Well, it isn't quite official, but realistically John McCain is the GOP nominee. Romney, with good reason, has dropped out. Although I am sad to see him go, his logic is sound. Many people have forgotten, but we are a nation at war. Romney knew he was losing and further campaigning would only serve to anger conservatives more about the eventual nomination of McCain. In effect, handing the campaign to the hippie Dems. He choked down his distaste in hopes of preserving the sovereignty of the United States. McCain has been consistent in his promise to continue the war on terror instead of running away with his tail between his legs. Mitt made a graceful exit.
I'm kind of feeling like I'm somehow cursed with the kiss of death. Each candidate I've committed my vote towards has dropped out. Hmm, maybe I could use that to some advantage and pledge my vote to the candidate I hate most. I think that's what Ann Coulter's real motivation may be.
So the GOP has decided that McCain is their man. It is what it is, like it or not.
The remaining question: Which Socialist are the Dems going to put up against him? We've got the fresh idealist and the power hungry crook.
I honestly don't believe that Obama is a bad guy. I think he really believes that his government programs can create some kind of Utopian society where everything is sparkles and rainbows. I think he really thinks he can tell the militant Islamic terrorists that we just want to be friends and they will stop trying to exterminate us. And wouldn't it be wonderful if he was right? Unfortunately he's misguided and naive. I kind of feel sorry for the guy. Electing him president would be like sentencing him to a horrible nervous break down. He wouldn't even see the inevitable failures coming. This eloquent orator would be reduced to a sniveling mass huddled in a dark corner of the oval office, covered in the sticky leavings of the last liberal to seek dark corners in the White House.
On the flip side, we have Hildabeast. Even if we just look at her recent history, we can see there is nothing honest about her. She used extortion, empty promises, money laundering, and fabricated people for campaign donations out of Chinatown. There is a strong suspicion that she tampered with the polling machines in New Hampshire. And then there is the matter of the $5 million she loaned her campaign that she is hoping her supporters pay back. Should be interesting what the accountants come up with when they comb through the Clinton's financial records. Oh that's right, it will be nothing. Just like Whitewater. If elected, she is certain to bring sleaze back to the White House. Those dark corners will be lonely no more.
We're getting a liberal in the White House. Whether RINO or actual Democrat; no other choices remain. It makes me want to hide in the sand for the next four years. But I can't do that. Instead I will load my gun, lock my doors, and pray that it's only four years.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm not dead yet!

I'm still here. Just been busy in my real life. I promise, I haven't left you lovely people and will be posting more soon. And I promise, it will not all be political rants.

Homicidal Days

Political night terrors have a way of screwing up a day. *twist-turn* The RINO is going to win. *turn-flop* It'll be okay, Romney was leading in the California polls. *sweating* Who am I kidding? You can't depend on California. *stretch-twist* Why are these idiots voting Huckabee? It's a 2 man race. He's only throwing the results. *turn* Damn, I've gotta pee.
And then to find out that it all came true. NNNNOOOOO!!!!! Shame on all of you people that didn't even bother to go to your local polling place. Shame on you people that voted for anyone that isn't actually in the running. A pox on all that didn't attempt to make an informed decision! And to the delegates in West Virginia--A plague on both your houses! (apologies to Shakespeare)
Yes, I know that it is still mathematically possible that the RINO is not going to be the nominee. It's a long shot, but if the voters in the remaining states get their heads out of their asses, there may still be a chance. So here's the simplified recap for those that still have a chance to cast their votes for the GOP.
Ron Paul--Mathematical impossibility. I don't care if you like him, even if he took all the remaining states he still would not have enough delegates for the nomination.
Mike Huckabee--Not running for President. He's running for Vice President. The only reason he is still in the race is to split the vote and throw the results
John McCain--RINO (Republican In Name Only). Backstabbing, underhanded tactics have put him in the lead
Mitt Romney--This is the lever you pull, the button you push, the line you fill in. He's the only Conservative left in the race.
I realize that the chances are now greatly improved that McCain will get the nomination. Grrr. I'm a long way from happy about that. I will bitch, and I will grumble. But by November I will have gotten over it. I will mutter my way into the voting booth and cast my vote for the RINO if that's the choice I have. Why? Because even though I don't like him, he's not a socialist (read Marxist or Communist).
Don't think I'm just following the party line here. The United States is currently suffering from an entitlement crisis. If the Dems win, they will make certain that those who have worked for what they have pay the bills of those who have not. Mark my words. The welfare rolls will bulge. Everyone who has made responsible decisions will be taxed to support those who have not. I know it sounds heartless, but I don't think I should be paying to feed the crack whore high school drop-out that sold her body to pay for her habit and now has a bunch of crack babies with health problems to care for. I'm not so naive to think that throwing money at these people will turn them into productive members of society.
At least McCain isn't going to strip our military (ala the first Clinton) so in four years we'll have a country left to rebuild.