Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Rage and the Pride

I can add absolutely nothing to the words of Oriana Fallaci. This will take time to read, but it is worth the investment. I will not attempt to summarize it.

I wish citizens of the United States felt so strongly about our country. Too many people have forgotten who they are. Or at least who they are supposed to be. The ever-tolerant liberals scream at perceived injustices. They would be very quick to ridicule me for refusing to clothe myself in bed sheets out of respect for these invaders. Don't misread my meaning. Those of differing views are welcome to practice them. They are not welcome to force me to do so. But I am straying from my point.

The radicals that we are fighting do not simply have different views from ours; they want to force their ideals upon us. They would rip the fabric of our nation in the rape of our precious freedoms Given their way, they would convert the world. Those that refused to convert would be executed. Their bodies defaced in service to a vengeful god. These radicals speak only the language of violence. Our freedom to practice whatever religion we choose makes them hate us more. The very freedom that allows people to speak out against this war makes these radicals want to kill us. Why should we be so encouraged to respect a culture that holds ours in such disdain?

I believe that all people are children of God. But belief in my God makes me an infidel and worthy of death to these radicals. (Notice I am not making these accusations against all Muslims) No matter how much I could love an accept the Osama bin Laden's of the world, these people will still want me dead. All because I have the freedom to not bow down to their god.

Seventeen Oklahoma lawmakers are taking heat for refusing a gift. That gift was a Quran. Rex Duncan's reason:
"Most of them, like all of most groups, are peaceful, law abiding citizens. But I would just simply like for some of those folks to come out publicly in opposition to the small group of radical Muslims who are doing terrible things in the name or religion," Duncan said.

And did they take the opportunity to denounce the violence publicly, no.
In response, the council's chairwoman reiterated that Islam is a religion of peace.
Instead they repeated what we've heard time and time again. It's not hard to find a Christian appalled by the crusades. Mr. Duncan even stated that most are peaceful, law abiding citizens. And yet, they will not say that the actions of a few radicals are wrong. The silence speaks volumes.


CastoCreations said...

Oriana is a great warrior. I wish she got more attention here. As pretty as some head scarves are I'd rather not be forced to wear one all the time - let alone a full face covering burka. Blech!

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