Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Politics piss me off

Just so you know, I am pissed off at the GOP. My first pick going into this primary season was Guiliani. He did great things in New York City, I made the assumption that he would do great things for the country. My next pick was Thompson. A true conservative. But these guys are both apparently morons. They each decided to actually campaign entirely too freaking late and then drop out when they didn't win these make or break states. The only reason they did not win these states is because no one was really certain whether or not they were serious about the race. Because they started campaigning too late. So now both have dropped out and I am left with RINO McCain or flip-flopping Morman Romney. I'm going for Mitt. It's easier to believe that he is a true conservative, and I have no question about his business savvy.

You know what else pisses me off? Idiotic feminists that claim to speak for me just because we happen to have matching genitalia. Rachel Lucas really said it best. "Vote with your vagina" Wow. That would take some very impressive muscle control and probably guarantee there was quite the male turnout at the polls. I don't even want to think about the hygiene issues there.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Presidential Campaign

I know you're probably all wondering how I am feeling about the race for president now that the Fred has dropped out of the running. The truth is, I feel far too crummy with this evil satanic cold I seem to have caught to have actually put a lot of thought into it. But with Super Tuesday lurking just over the hill, I suppose I should.

My feeling about the Dems has not changed. I still think they are all Socialists and will tax us until we can't see straight. Which in their minds is okay since they intend to do all the thinking and seeing for the populace.

Which brings us to the Republicans.

Let's start with Ron Paul. Intelligent guy, I will give him that. Unfortunately, his ideas about Iraq and national security just won't work. In order for us to truly be neutral, we would have to follow the the same plan used by the Swiss. Which means that every able bodied person would be going to boot camp. Every single person that could would be carrying a loaded firearm. They would sleep with them under their beds and train with them regularly. Maybe I am just a cynic, but I just don't see the average bloated American going for that. Although I would pay to see the bleach blond, former trophy wife, soccer mom lumber her giant thighs out of her huge SUV to use the range to practice with her AR-15. That would be picture worthy.

Next we've got Huckabee. Here's a guy that wants to extend rights and benefits to illegal immigrants. He's pro-sanctuary cities and big government. This guy's actually running on the Republican ticket?

And speaking of RINOs (Republican In Name Only), we have the biggest of them all--John McCain. Yes, I respect that he served our country in war. I can't even imagine what it was like to be a POW in Vietnam undergoing the kind of torture that he did. I do not doubt his Patriotism for one minute. But the guy is certainly not a Conservative. He worked with Ted Kennedy (otherwise know as king liberal incarnate) to write a bill providing amnesty to illegal immigrants. He voted against the Bush administration tax cuts. The guy has been officially endorsed by the freaking NY Times for crying out loud! Bill Clinton even said referring to his wife:
And then he painted this scene: “She and John McCain are very close,” he said. “They always laugh that if they wound up being the nominees of their party, it would be the most civilized election in American history and they’re afraid they’d put the voters to sleep because they like and respect each other.”
Maybe he's not actually running for president. Maybe he is trying to be HildaBeast's running mate. Interesting that his biggest endorsements are coming from the wrong camp.

Which brings us to Guiliani. I still like this guy, but is he actually still running? He was the big dog in the park until he decided that his best strategy was to disappear. Maybe he's right. Maybe he has saved himself from the friendly fire of the early caucus/primary states. Only time will tell.

Finally, we have Mitt Romney. My opinion of him is decidedly improved. Yeah, he's got a wacky religion that I think is severely misguided, but at least he isn't a Scientologist. (Uh Oh, better duck the incoming lawsuits for calling Scientology a crackpot cult.) Romney is a Capitalist through and through. He's also a small government federalist that believes that the real power really does belong to the people. The Five Brothers blog on his campaign website is funny too. Nice to see that he has such a strong family and a good sense of humor. His wife, Anne, pretty cool too. If I can get over the whole Mormon thing, I might actually like this guy.

Nah. My endorsement is going to Sunny Lucas. She's a strong black bitch that isn't going to take it anymore. She's showing her teeth to the terrorists rather than rolling over and playing dead. Yeah, she's a dog, but are we so biased that we can't get over a species difference?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Randomness update

I know, blog entries tapered off a bit. I got blocked on my work computer. I should be flattered. Either I am considered 'objectionable material' or enough of my co-workers were reading me that I qualify as a distraction. That does make it more difficult to write a daily entry though since I was doing it on my lunch break. That's alright, I have plenty of home machines from which to keep all of my very appreciated readers in tune with what is going on with me. I also believe that there are additional options for posting my regular ramblings. I know that you don't want to miss a single day of my opinions. I own a Blackberry and can type with my thumbs.

I have a question for you all, but I have to give you some background. I have a strange interest in the lives of celebrities. Not because I care, but it's like watching a train wreck. These people don't effect my life in anyway. So, I heard this today. It was all over the internet. My question is: Since my first thought was 'I really hope they finished filming the Batman movie since the preview was freaking cool' and not anything thing like 'Oh that's so sad and tragic and he was so young,' does that make me some kind of callous bitch? Or does it just mean I am grounded in the fact that Hollywood personalities have no bearing on my life beyond the entertainment they provide? Thoughts to ponder. You can tell me I'm a callous bitch in the comments. I'm a big girl, I can take it. And no, the sad and tragic thought wasn't even second. My second thought was 'Huh, I thought the next celebrity to drop would be Britney.'

So, I suppose RIP Heath Ledger. May gay cowboys guide you to your eternal rest. Well.....If I wasn't a callous bitch before, that comment did it.

By the way, a friend of a friend died today too. It didn't make the news, but I think she made something of her life. She was the mother of two and helped the local church youth group in regular fundraisers. I know she touched lives and do mourn her passing. I had a martini with a church elder(the friend in common) on Friday night and had the blessing of learning something about her before she passed. I regret that I didn't have the opportunity to know her. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends in this difficult time.

In reading today, I have learned that Heath Ledger seems to have been an upstanding guy. Since there is a shortage of them in Hollywood, he will be missed. Apparently, his kindness touched many lives in and out of Hollywood.

Can I get a Whah!

Not that I am trying to turn this into some pro-life blog or anything, but whiny people just piss me off. Yes, I think abortion is murder, but I don't feel a special longing in my bosom to make all of you lovely people feel the same way. That said, get a load of this lady.
"If they had sent a letter explaining why they think abortion should not be allowed, I wouldn't have a problem with that. It was the plastic fetus that bothered me," Pollock said.
I am pretty sure the anti-abortion group felt a more tactile representation would be more effective. It's marketing. When someone wants to sell me soap, they send me a bar of it. I don't get offended and assume that the company is somehow telling me that I need a bath.

It wasn't bloody and torn apart. I have no idea what kind of pictures were in the accompanying literature, but apparently that is not what she was bothered by. I have to wonder, is she bothered because someone had the audacity to actually make her think about her position on this volatile issue? Was it too graphic? Has she seen a Truth commercial lately?
"I had to pay to have it returned because it was a non-profit mailing, which I was happy to pay. It was just over $1 and it was well worth it," Pollock said.
Well good for you lady! Next time I see a graphic anti-tobacco ad showing nasty blackened lungs or a man on a breathing machine, I'm going to mail my cable company a check for delivering it to me. I think I will just return whatever was spent to get that propaganda to me because I didn't enjoy looking at it. Great protest lady. I wonder if she realizes that now they have a perfectly good plastic fetus to send to someone else. Awesome! Now they don't have to pay some kid in China to make a new one to further oppress the masses.

I have to applaud this group not because they are making a stand against abortion, but because they are forcing people to actually engage the brains that they were blessed with. The brains that are nearly riddled with rigamortise in our media fed society. Make a stand for whatever the hell you want to, but fire some neurons in the process. Once presented with all the facts that you can gather you are equipped to make whatever decision or take whatever stance works for you. I might disagree with you. I might think you are an idiot for believing the way that you do. That's my right. But if you came to that decision by engaging all the faculties you possess, I am not going to shake you by my disagreement. If I do, your position needs more thought.

We are free to think and feel as we choose. That's the fundamental thing that is great about being an American. We do not have the right not to be offended. At the core of it all, my rights end where another person's begin. I can't steal your stuff because you earned that stuff and have a right to own it. I am not allowed to shoot you (even though I become more and more capable every day) because you have a right to live. Everyone has the right to their own stupid decisions. And everyone should face the consequences for the choices that they make.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm So Tired of Liberal Moonbat Ranting

Because he enjoys sharing things with me that tick me off and wants to make sure I don't actually work while at work, my friend sent me this little rant. Clink on this link at your own risk, she might think you actually wanted to read her *ahem* "writing". I need giant air quotes to put around the word "writing". Use your imagination. I know, linking to her stands a chance of getting her hits. That's just a risk I'm going to have to take.

Here we go! Just so you will be prepared, she is apparently obsessed with skin color. I think in her mind I would qualify as a 'brown woman' since I don't tend to sunburn due to a very American mutt heritage.
I am so tired of pink men bombing brown children and rationalizing it as fighting terrorism.
Um, riiiight. Americans taking out tactical military targets of a country is bombing 'brown children.' I guess she has never seen this incredibly moving photo taken by Michael Yon. The 'brown children' were gathering around the 'pink men' only to be viciously attacked by terrorists. Yes, terrorists. For the benefit of this (huge air quotes) journalist (end huge air quotes), I will point out that they were 'brown men' although I believe their skin color is inconsequential. Their hearts are apparently black.
I am so tired of pink men telling women (of all colors) what to do with their wombs--which connect with their brains--in case you forgot.
Really?!?! Damn, I must have missed that day in anatomy. All this time I thought a woman's womb was specifically designed for carrying a baby. But liberals treat it like rental property to be occupied at the owner's whim. They want to protect the welfare leaching crack whore's home, but have no qualms evicting an innocent even though eviction=death for unborn children.
I am so tired of pink men having wives who stand behind them and nod sagely on television. I am so tired of pink men expecting that someone--a brown, black, yellow or white woman--will trail behind them changing light bulbs, taking out garbage, washing laundry, keeping food in the house, taking care of kids of all ages, of parents of all ages. I am so tired of pink men whose wives double or triple the family income thinking they can spend it without doing a damn thing at home.
Oh I get it! She's a feminazi shrew. Because she is incapable of choosing a worthwhile mate, she's going to lash out. If you are a woman that is only attracting worthless boys, maybe it's time you changed your strategy. Although, I have my doubts that she is actually even interested in men. But I'll avoid the personal attacks, apparently her childhood was horrific.
Don't tell me about women who kill. I know there are some--but fewer. So let's just remember our mothers--who bore us, protected us against our fathers and grandfathers and all the pink or brown men who wanted to rape us or kill us or starve us because we were girls.
I jumped to conclusions and for that I am sorry. I assumed from her photo that she didn't grow in a Muslim Extremist household. I guess I was wrong.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Knowledge is Power


As citizens, it is your responsibility to know when your freedoms are being infringed upon. Don't kid yourself into thinking that what happens in California is limited to California alone. Erosion is a process. Inconsequential little bits are taken away until nothing remains.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Entitlement Crisis

Repeat after me: Handouts will not fix the economy.


And again.

I am sick and tired of hearing the liberal moonbats go on and on about federally funded programs to 'jump-start' the economy. The hildabeast decided to roll out her plan recently. Basically, she wants to take my hard earned money to bail out the selfish idiots that bought homes far above their means. I bought my house during the great housing boom. I could easily have gotten an adjustable rate mortgage and bought a house that dwarfs my eleven-hundred square feet. But I didn't. You want to know why? Because I'm not stupid. I bought within my means. I don't own a crystal ball that could tell me how the interest rate situation would be for the next 30 years. And neither does anyone else apparently. Now the foreclosures are flying and I am supposed to not only feel sorry for the people lacking the common sense to understand what they were betting into but also to foot the bill for their financial blunders. As if the stalling and dropping housing values weren't punishment enough.

Here's another thing to repeat: Adjustable Rate means that the interest rate will change.


You know, we've made bad financial decisions. We ran up a crap load of credit card debt and then couldn't pay it off. Guess who bailed us out. No one. We worked it out with the various creditors. We made payment arrangements. I took out a loan against my 401K. We did whatever it took. The creditors made deals with us. Some accepted reduced payoffs if we could give them a lump sum. The amount they write-off counts as income. You have to report it on your taxes. The tax hit for us was enough that we had to take out another loan. Nasty interest rate since we had run our credit score into the ground. Just as we paid that loan off, I lost my job. You know what happens to a 401K loan when you lose your job? It becomes a withdrawal. Which translates into another big tax hit. That loan is finally paid off. We've worked hard to rebuild our credit from our own financial blunders. It wasn't easy, but it also wasn't the responsibility of anyone else but us. Yeah, it sucked. It hurt to eat Ramen and drive a car with over 300,000 miles. I personally replaced the transmission on that one since we could afford to pay to have it done. Ordered the replacement transmission on eBay.

I'm not looking for any kind of sympathy there. We were stupid, and we had to make the sacrifices for it. Never once did we put our hands out to Uncle Sam to fix it for us. And we easily qualified to do so. The poverty line looked like a lofty goal at the time.

I'm ashamed of my peers in the entitlement generation. I'm appalled at out over-burdened system. I've no expectation of ever receiving a dime of the social security I have paid into my entire working life. It's embarrassing that this is the state of our society. People have forgotten that they make their own luck.

The only way for the government to help the economy is to cut taxes and government spending. Handouts will not fix the economy. Handouts are what got us here in the first place. You may think I'm crazy, but I think when you give people control of their own money, most will spend it wisely. Those that don't, really aren't my problem. That's not to say I don't support charities. I am absolutely in favor of voluntary charitable giving. I'm just tired of the Robin Hood attitude of the liberals.

Only in Heaven are we entitled to more than we have worked for, and that's because Jesus paid that price.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tears of a Clown

So some water works from Hildabeast convinced the women in New Hampshire to turn out in droves to support her. Grand. Think that ploy is going to work in office? I can just see it now, the televised plea to terrorists, her face streaming with crocodile tears, begging them to stop bombing our cities. I'm sure that will cause Middle Eastern women to step out in droves.....for their beheading.

Experience? Please. This is a woman whose experience consists of interning with a known Communist in California, hosting dinner parties at the White House, and making sure her husband's *ahem* cigar was taken care of. But she does have a lovely set of china to show for all her hard work. And lest we forget her failed pet project. All housewives need a hobby right? That's right, the disaster that was HillCare.

Yes, you can see a lot of 'change' coming from the Clinton dynasty. But much like the Dodge of the same name, it may be ugly but it just won't die. But change is the word this election, as with every election. And she promises-More pantsuits on the podium!

Paging Mr. Thompson and Mr. Giuliani. Gentlemen, the time has come to act. Show us that you are in this race, and we will get behind you. It's a helluva fight ahead, and I hope you've got your boxing gloves.

See! I'm not the only one that feels this way

Read this. Ah the upcoming pillaging of the city all in the name of the idol of sportball.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spontaneous Parenting

I shaved my son's head this morning. At 6:30 this morning to be specific. And, shockingly, he didn't end up looking like a cancer patient. Well, at least to my 6:30AM mind he didn't. We shall see what he looks like when we pick him up from school. By that point, I will be fully caffeinated.

I've been putting off the haircut for far too long. And this child has about three heads worth of hair growing out of his head. Not to mention the giant swirl of cowlick that he inherited from my father. Thankfully that is the gene that decided to skip a generation rather than the one that would have caused me to have twins. Whew! I dodged some kind of bullet with that one. I also got to miss out on the cowlick.

But you know you have to do something when a pair of eight-year-old brown eyes peeks out at you from under a mop of morning anime hair and says, "Mom, would you cut it so short that I don't have to comb it?" Yes dear, I have clippers. Caffeine deficiency aside, the pleading look had to be answered. So I sheared the 10 pounds of hair off and Dad followed behind to clean up the edges and shave his neck. The hairy neck gene came directly from Dad. Guess that one doesn't skip a generation. Glad it's not contagious because I really like sharing germs with Dad.

I dusted the kiddo off and swept up the hair while Dad made morning elixir. Mmm, triple shot of fresh roasted espresso. You can read about our coffee habit here. All of this and we all still arrived at our designated places at the appropriate times. Amazing that such a lack of planning actually works out in a household full of random creatives.

Before you go and think I must have some very strange looking child. What with the hairy neck and cowlick. Really, he's a very attractive kid. Even complete strangers with no obligation to protect my motherly feelings say so on a regular basis. But he is far more handsome with the mop under control. Just to prove it, here is picture from before the haircut. Cameras are forbidden before coffee in my house.

See, told you. Trust me though, under that hood is an unruly mop. I understand that mine was also completely unmanageable when I was a child. Which would explain the constant braids or pigtails and lack of blinking for the first years of my life.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Politics Updated 01/09

Prior to this election, I was never really interested in politics. I've always had the views that I have had, but never before have I felt such a need to share them. I vote at every opportunity and make an effort understand the choice I am making. That hasn't changed. But this year, I itch to discuss it. I am reading a ridiculous amount of news regarding who is running, what they stand for, and how they are doing in the polls. Not that polls really mean much.

Something I fail to understand is why the Iowa caucus is so important. So what that it's first. Just because some people in another state are willing to go out in the cold to say they plan to vote for someone doesn't amount to squat in my opinion. But apparently since they are first, we are all supposed to follow their example and vote the candidates they pick. I know a couple of people from Iowa. They are nice people, but they aren't going to tell me how to vote. I'm not even convinced that the whole 'caucus' thing is an accurate representation of how the people of Iowa feel.

But for any lemmings out there that want to copy their opinions from someone else, let me tell you how to feel. You should listen because I write a blog.

The Democrats:
They are all basically the same this year. All Communists.

You've got Edwards who is really nothing more than expensive hair and a nice smile. His lack of substance is inversely proportional to the size of his hair.

Then of course you've got Barack Obama who you know we should vote for because Oprah Winfrey says so. (That's funny, spell check has no problem with Oprah Winfrey's name but puts red lines under Barack Obama.) Everyone knows that when Oprah tells you to do something, you should do it. She has more money than you do.

And let us not forget the communist queen herself, Hillary Clinton who shall henceforward be referred to as Hildabeast. If elected, she promises to defeat Capitalism and plunge us into socialism because it's worked so well for places like Cuba and China. Hildabeast wants to control your medical care so that your doctor visits have all the comfort of your local post office. She wants to control our borders just like her husband's pants, everyone can get in. Although I think she is the most frightening of the bunch, she is her own worst enemy and I believe her candidacy with self destruct on its own.

I know there are others supposedly vying for the nomination, but we all know they don't really count.

There is certainly more choice over on the right side of the fence. So many choices, in fact, that conservatives have begun adding new adjectives. The big ones being social and fiscal conservatives. As I am sure you have figured out, I'm a conservative myself. Leaning more to the fiscal side if I must choose. So here's how I feel about the current crop.

Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul-they aren't really in the running. So sorry. Get over it and pick a real candidate that might actually stand some chance of winning. All these guys, especially Paul, are going to do is take enough votes away from someone else that the results are thrown off. You do all remember Ross Perot right? He was the only reason we got a Clinton in office in the first place.

I don't trust Mitt Romney, and it's not just because he looks like Frankenstein's monster. He claims that he is a devout morman but that it will not affect his decisions as President. These 2 statements are mutually exclusive. As a morman, you choose to let the church run your life. Either he isn't as devout as he says or it will affect his presidency. Either way, his statement is a bold faced lie that he thinks his money will force the voters to swallow. Not that lying is anything new to a politician, but that one is too much for me to take. Edit-Added 01/09/2008: Admittedly, my knowledge about the mormon faith is limited. You might find this interesting though. His faith is not the only reason I plan to vote for someone else though. The flip-flopping is a big one there too.

Currently carrying the evangelical vote is Mike Huckabee. He's a baptist minister from Arkansas. His time as governor is remembered more for his dramatic weight loss than anything that he actually accomplished for the people. Obesity is certainly a problem for the United States, maybe he could help with that. Since he intends to turn the country over to the illegal immigrants, we'll all need to tighten our belts anyway.

I've honestly not really formed much of an opinion on John McCain. His strong suit is defense and national security, and I can certainly agree with him there. I like that he very interested in protecting our second amendment rights. I don't think he stands a chance in the general election though and so hope he doesn't win the nomination.

When everyone started throwing their hats in the ring, I was immediately drawn to Rudy Guiliani. He's got a tremendous record as mayor of New York City. He drastically reduced crime and left them with a surplus in place of the debt in inherited with the office. I don't really care how many times he has been married. I'm skeptical about his track record with gun control. I still like him overall though. I get the Team Rudy newsletters and everything. Besides, I've seen him on the Tonight Show and feel he has enough charm and charisma to win over several democrats and independents.

Finally, we have The Fred. I really like this guy. I also like that he is running because people want him to do so and he feels he could do the job well. He's not riding the wave of some power trip. He's bold enough to state his views as they are and not package them for the audience he happens to be speaking to that day. He is who he is, like him or not. I happen to like the guy. Go-Visit the website. Sign up to be a Friend of Fred. He has the best stance on immigration of the lot of them, just for starters. And he's enough of a man to chew up Obama and spit him into Oprah's next diet fad.

I'd be thrilled to see a Thompson/Guiliani ticket in the general election.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ooh! Pretty and Deadly

Guess what's coming home today! Yeah, you're right. I guess I kind of gave it away with the picture. That's a stock photo. I'll take a couple with my camera later. Smith & Wesson's photographer is probably better at it that I am though.

Hubby and I went to the range on New Year's Day. This is part of a plan we have been putting together for some time now. His grandfather had the original version of this gun. There are some differences. His grandfather's is a .44 special rather than a magnum and it doesn't have all the pretty engraving. My husband and his brother figured out that that was probably the one thing that they would be fighting about inheriting. So they decided that the best solution would be to obtain another one. Having never shot a .44, my husband started doing some research. Several people recommended H&H Gun Range. We decided to hold off until after Christmas and then take a trip there. We made our first trip that weekend and loved it. New Year's Day we brought my brother-in-law and his wife to go shoot stuff.

Prior to this I had basically no experience with a firearm. I shot the .44 and decided that I had no business with a freaking hand cannon, but I really liked the 9mm semi-automatic M&P. Mr Smurf turned into swiss cheese.

After spending some time shooting the targets, we headed in to talk to a salesman to work out finances. Turns out, we were approved for their 6 months no interest plan so we decided to go ahead and get the revolver. Well then he showed us the limited edition engraved version. We ooh'd and ah'd and decided we had to take it home. After signing the paperwork, the background check came back with a delay. We know why, it's a long story. But today the gun was released. Hooray! Now I've just got to pick one out for myself. I plan to shoot several of the rentals on the range before I decide what I can really handle. Then we will start the process to get our conceal and carry permits. Long Live the Second Amendment!

Funny that it should be today that my friend over at Casto Creations would write this. Go read it. I've never shot a rifle, but I bet my aim isn't as good as hers was. I'll get some practice in though. I'll get there.

Let's look at the pretty thing again shall we?

Edit: corrected fat finger errors

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Just wanted to share some ridiculous cuteness with you. I hope 2008 is as peaceful and that you have someone so snuggly.