Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Can I get a Whah!

Not that I am trying to turn this into some pro-life blog or anything, but whiny people just piss me off. Yes, I think abortion is murder, but I don't feel a special longing in my bosom to make all of you lovely people feel the same way. That said, get a load of this lady.
"If they had sent a letter explaining why they think abortion should not be allowed, I wouldn't have a problem with that. It was the plastic fetus that bothered me," Pollock said.
I am pretty sure the anti-abortion group felt a more tactile representation would be more effective. It's marketing. When someone wants to sell me soap, they send me a bar of it. I don't get offended and assume that the company is somehow telling me that I need a bath.

It wasn't bloody and torn apart. I have no idea what kind of pictures were in the accompanying literature, but apparently that is not what she was bothered by. I have to wonder, is she bothered because someone had the audacity to actually make her think about her position on this volatile issue? Was it too graphic? Has she seen a Truth commercial lately?
"I had to pay to have it returned because it was a non-profit mailing, which I was happy to pay. It was just over $1 and it was well worth it," Pollock said.
Well good for you lady! Next time I see a graphic anti-tobacco ad showing nasty blackened lungs or a man on a breathing machine, I'm going to mail my cable company a check for delivering it to me. I think I will just return whatever was spent to get that propaganda to me because I didn't enjoy looking at it. Great protest lady. I wonder if she realizes that now they have a perfectly good plastic fetus to send to someone else. Awesome! Now they don't have to pay some kid in China to make a new one to further oppress the masses.

I have to applaud this group not because they are making a stand against abortion, but because they are forcing people to actually engage the brains that they were blessed with. The brains that are nearly riddled with rigamortise in our media fed society. Make a stand for whatever the hell you want to, but fire some neurons in the process. Once presented with all the facts that you can gather you are equipped to make whatever decision or take whatever stance works for you. I might disagree with you. I might think you are an idiot for believing the way that you do. That's my right. But if you came to that decision by engaging all the faculties you possess, I am not going to shake you by my disagreement. If I do, your position needs more thought.

We are free to think and feel as we choose. That's the fundamental thing that is great about being an American. We do not have the right not to be offended. At the core of it all, my rights end where another person's begin. I can't steal your stuff because you earned that stuff and have a right to own it. I am not allowed to shoot you (even though I become more and more capable every day) because you have a right to live. Everyone has the right to their own stupid decisions. And everyone should face the consequences for the choices that they make.

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instinct said...

Whah! :D

See, you are actually expecting people to think. How could you do such a thing??