Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm So Tired of Liberal Moonbat Ranting

Because he enjoys sharing things with me that tick me off and wants to make sure I don't actually work while at work, my friend sent me this little rant. Clink on this link at your own risk, she might think you actually wanted to read her *ahem* "writing". I need giant air quotes to put around the word "writing". Use your imagination. I know, linking to her stands a chance of getting her hits. That's just a risk I'm going to have to take.

Here we go! Just so you will be prepared, she is apparently obsessed with skin color. I think in her mind I would qualify as a 'brown woman' since I don't tend to sunburn due to a very American mutt heritage.
I am so tired of pink men bombing brown children and rationalizing it as fighting terrorism.
Um, riiiight. Americans taking out tactical military targets of a country is bombing 'brown children.' I guess she has never seen this incredibly moving photo taken by Michael Yon. The 'brown children' were gathering around the 'pink men' only to be viciously attacked by terrorists. Yes, terrorists. For the benefit of this (huge air quotes) journalist (end huge air quotes), I will point out that they were 'brown men' although I believe their skin color is inconsequential. Their hearts are apparently black.
I am so tired of pink men telling women (of all colors) what to do with their wombs--which connect with their brains--in case you forgot.
Really?!?! Damn, I must have missed that day in anatomy. All this time I thought a woman's womb was specifically designed for carrying a baby. But liberals treat it like rental property to be occupied at the owner's whim. They want to protect the welfare leaching crack whore's home, but have no qualms evicting an innocent even though eviction=death for unborn children.
I am so tired of pink men having wives who stand behind them and nod sagely on television. I am so tired of pink men expecting that someone--a brown, black, yellow or white woman--will trail behind them changing light bulbs, taking out garbage, washing laundry, keeping food in the house, taking care of kids of all ages, of parents of all ages. I am so tired of pink men whose wives double or triple the family income thinking they can spend it without doing a damn thing at home.
Oh I get it! She's a feminazi shrew. Because she is incapable of choosing a worthwhile mate, she's going to lash out. If you are a woman that is only attracting worthless boys, maybe it's time you changed your strategy. Although, I have my doubts that she is actually even interested in men. But I'll avoid the personal attacks, apparently her childhood was horrific.
Don't tell me about women who kill. I know there are some--but fewer. So let's just remember our mothers--who bore us, protected us against our fathers and grandfathers and all the pink or brown men who wanted to rape us or kill us or starve us because we were girls.
I jumped to conclusions and for that I am sorry. I assumed from her photo that she didn't grow in a Muslim Extremist household. I guess I was wrong.


instinct said...

See, I knew you would give a much better response to her 'writing' than I would ever be able to formulate on my own.

But what do we expect, I'm just another pink man :)

CastoCreations said...

Wow...just wow. *mouth slightly agape in awed disbelief*

I guess she's just another product of our *huge air quote* wonderful */huge air quote* public school system.

Who are these "pink" men??? I guess my hubby doesn't qualify since he's more of a yellowish tone. :)

I sense some anger and bitterness in her. Must be miserable to be her.

Chris H said...

Just found your page via Rachel Lucas. Lots and lots of beer. Not only for Fred dropping out but now this.... (sigh) I guess it's just not worth being a "pink" male anymore if I can't get feminazi's to like me. HA! Or not! Great blog. I'll be checking this out regularly from now on.