Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Politics piss me off

Just so you know, I am pissed off at the GOP. My first pick going into this primary season was Guiliani. He did great things in New York City, I made the assumption that he would do great things for the country. My next pick was Thompson. A true conservative. But these guys are both apparently morons. They each decided to actually campaign entirely too freaking late and then drop out when they didn't win these make or break states. The only reason they did not win these states is because no one was really certain whether or not they were serious about the race. Because they started campaigning too late. So now both have dropped out and I am left with RINO McCain or flip-flopping Morman Romney. I'm going for Mitt. It's easier to believe that he is a true conservative, and I have no question about his business savvy.

You know what else pisses me off? Idiotic feminists that claim to speak for me just because we happen to have matching genitalia. Rachel Lucas really said it best. "Vote with your vagina" Wow. That would take some very impressive muscle control and probably guarantee there was quite the male turnout at the polls. I don't even want to think about the hygiene issues there.


Chris H said...

Man, I just about blew coffee all over my desk. That cracked me up. I know I'd go vote, several times, too see that!

Ladyshambles said...

Being from the UK, it's been interesting reading the British press bat about various theories pertaining to American politics of late.

It seems most journalists over here have hopped on the vote black/vote woman bandwagon, to the semi-exclusion of the others.

And can you imagine Gordon Brown urging the women of Britain to 'vote with their vaginas'? Good God.