Monday, February 25, 2008

Queen of Procrastination

Yes, that title is all mine. I have earned it fair and square. I'm off work today, Monday, February 25th. No special reason, just burning my last vacation day before it expires on my anniversary next month. Would you like to know what I am doing?
What worthwhile thing that has been sitting in the corner of my living room taunting me?
I'm signing and sending out my Christmas cards. No, not early. I purchased stamps for them back in December. I even printed all my address labels. They must go out now before the price of stamps increases again. Besides, I'm tired of Santa staring out at from below shiny clear plastic.
Maybe if I get them sent, I can finally say good bye to winter! That's probably been the problem all along. By keeping me shivering, maybe I would be reminded of Christmas and send the jolly elf on his way. Hand cramps be damned! I'm shipping these out today!

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