Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I will Not be intimidated

The life of artist that created this image has been threatened by radical Muslims. Yes, Mr. Westergaard has received death threats from radical practitioners of the 'religion of peace'. Michelle Malkin is again calling bloggers to show their solidarity by reprinting their choice of Mohammed cartoons.
Some people find this image offensive. Some may think that I am being insensitive to their religion. Let me explain. I mean as much respect by posting this image as the person holding this sign.
Or maybe one that has one of the lovely sayings like, "Death to infidels." I hold them is as high esteem as they hold me, a woman with a job that is not afraid to speak her mind. A woman who was not afraid to write this in October of last year.
I will not be intimidated by those who wish to take my freedom. I will not be intimidated by those who continue to kill their wives and daughters as an act of 'honor.' I am not afraid.


instinct said...

Your images on this one aren't showing up? I wonder if they were blocked or something

Jennifer said...

Strange. I re-uploaded them. Hopefully they will stay this time.