Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sometimes, You find your own fun

At the risk of becoming "that girl with the bathroom photos," I bring you this treasure.
This particular scene happened in my office on Monday. This is the one and only ladies room in the office. As I am sure you can plainly see, it was out of order due to maintenance. But just in case one of the ladies didn't realize that one should not use the toilet when it is not attached to the floor, someone added this helpful sign.
Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. The ensuing laughter at the sight of sign made me nearly wet myself. The heart is my favorite part. I have to tell you, it's very difficult to take a focused picture while snickering and doing the pee-pee dance. (Did I really just say 'pee-pee dance?')
As a matter of fact, while being privately cracked up about the scene, I got busted by the note leaver. I explained that I could not resist the picture. Being an awesome girl with a fantastic sense of humor herself, she actually offered to pose in the picture. That proved rather dangerous since unmounted toilets are a long way from stable. In her defense, she posted the very helpful note before the toilet was removed from the floor. At that time, it really did look like a perfectly usable facility.
Here's my positive message for today: Find humor in mundane places. Laugh at the ludicrous. Share a strange talent. Like writing Haikus about the restroom.

End of the paper
Oh the horrors all alone
The shelf out of reach

Dripping, worrying
Linoleum barrier
Stretch without slipping

All the ladies know
They have been there once or twice
Elegance falters


instinct said...

*Shaking head*

And why, pray tell, were you taking a camera to the bathroom in the first place?? That's something I would expect from some guys I knew in the Navy.

"Dude, you have to take a look at this."

"JEEEZE!!! What the hell is THAT?"

"That's got to be the biggest one I've ever had, man!"

Jennifer said...

Cute. Navy guys are weird. What with being a dark shade of blue and all. I guess that would mess with a person's head.

Actually I wasn't taking a camera to the bathroom. I saw the scene and had to go back to my desk to retrieve the camera that I always carry in my purse. I know, I carry unusual things in my purse. Camera, chopsticks, etc..