Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Breaking News! Occasionally, Hillary is Human!

According to Top News, Hillary Clinton admitted that:

Occasionally, I am a human being like everybody else.

The jury is still out about what she is the rest of the time. But apparently, it is not human.

Possibly alien? It would certainly explain her desire to extend citizenship to those that are here illegally.

Maybe she's a robot. Generations of science fiction authors have predicted that they would take over one day. She's entitled. This would explain her position on Universal Health Care. She would only have to worry about seeing a state employed medical professional on the rare occasion that she is human. Hmm, the alien thing works with that too. You know, depending on how she defines "Universal" and "is."

I know! Samantha Power was right! Hillary really is a monster. A key foreign policy aide to the Obamessiah would certainly know. No wonder Bill was seeking comfort elsewhere. Who knows what monstrous things lurk beneath those pantsuits!


BIll Eccles said...

Brilliant. Missed that important piece of news.

And I think your conclusion (same as Miss Powers) is correct.

Michael said...

Baby, I believe that Hillary Clinton is referred to as "The Dragon" in the book of Revelation...