Friday, March 14, 2008

More Shooting Stuff

For those that offered advice on this post (Instinct and Don), thank you. You guys are awesome. Actually, the previous target that I posted was the first day I got my .357 (she really needs a name) back from her maker. She was still wearing the Hogue monogrip. It's a nice grip, but doesn't fit as comfortably as the Ahrends. When I took it home to clean it, I switched them out. Here is my Saturday target.
Better? No more flinch with the other grip and a little more practice. Thank you for the advice anyway, I will absolutely keep that in mind.

Apparently, the Oklahoma legislature agrees that putting guns in the hands of law abiding citizens actually reduces crime. They are currently trying to pass a bill to allow certain college students to carry their handguns on campus. There haven't been any of the shootings on an Oklahoma college campus that I know of, but I really do believe that passing this bill will keep it that way.
The measure was approved 65-36, despite opponents who said it made no sense following shootings at schools across the country.
Ah how much I love by back-woods redneck state. The good ol' boys 'round these parts have an idear about handguns.


MrSpkr said...

I wonder if the colleges are now going to make all classrooms "access-controlled areas" in order to bar weapons from the classrooms (and in order to circumvent the legislative intent behind this bill)? Based on the CNN story (I haven't read the bill yet, but have asked a friend of mine in the OK House to forward me an electronic copy), it would seem to me that schools could ban them from all buildings by setting up such "security checkpoints" at all building entrances.

Sure, it would be expensive. Sure, it would waste university resources, make it more difficult to get from one side of the campus to another and still make it to class on time, sure, it would likely heighten campus anxieties or tensions by shoving the issue in EVERYONE'S faces, and sure, if a killer really wanted to get into a classroom and kill students, he would only have to walk up to and kill the security guard at the building doorway, then enter and find an unarmed, helpless population of students to victimize, but hey -- this is a matter of political ideology, not safety, right? Some issues are more important than student lives.

instinct said...

Or, they could do what Ohio did and say that it is legal to carry concealed and then allow any business to put up a sign that makes their place a gun free zone and negates the whole point of being able to defend yourself

Jennifer said...

They allow businesses to do that here too. But the business only has the right to ask you to leave if they discover your concealed gun. Or at least, that's how I understand it at this point. Taking my class on April 5th.