Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meeting Expectations

I did that stupid thing that mothers are warning us not to do. I invited someone that I had just met on the internet to meet me in real life. Yeah, in person, face-to-face and everything. I'm half crazy. but you probably already knew that. Although, I will say that if you are going to meet a new online friend in person, the gun range is a damn fine choice in venues.

My impulsiveness paid off, and we had a really good time. I hope that I have a new friend. Thanks Rachel! And it's an open offer to come shooting with us any time you just happen to be our direction. Even if you did set the bar a little high for me.

I'm getting to be a pretty good shot with my .357. Look here then here, in that order. I practice with it a lot and have been constantly seeking the advice of the advanced instructor. His advice has been invaluable, and I think I owe him dinner. That might just be fun anyway.

But this weekend, the .357 wasn't my focus. One of the guys in my office loaned me his .40 Sig Pro to play with and take my carry and conceal test. In Oklahoma, if you take your test with a semi-automatic, then you can be approved to carry a pistol, a revolver, or a derringer. If I were to take the test with my revolver, then I would be limited to wheel guns. I want to keep my options open. The Sig is a sweet pistol. I loaded 10 rounds in my first magazine, took aim at my target which was less than ten feet away, and proceeded to only punch 2 holes in the paper. Nice. Yeah, that's promising. I didn't have any trouble with recoil. In fact, it doesn't kick as hard as what I'm used to. No, apparently, I was having trouble lining up the sights correctly. With the next magazine, I made a straight line up the center of my target and should not have any further problems, but I have to admit that I kind of felt like I needed to be issued a helmet and mittens for that one.

Overall, we had a really good time. I got to make a new friend too which is always a good thing. Oh yeah, and we bought another gun too. It's a WWII era Smith & Wesson .38 special M&P. If you've never had an opportunity to fire one of these, you are missing out. Once it's home, I'll post some pictures.


CastoCreations said...'s either a brilliant place to meet someone or a suicidal one. LOL Glad it worked out! :)

Josie said...

of course! as long as i get impulsively invited to things ;-)

Josie said...

also, sorry i have not kept in touch since then, i have been cramming super style. plus, the new puppy is not making life any easier. what have i gotten myself into? oy.

oh yeah, and that "of course!" means, of course, you made a new friend :) i find you and michael lovely.

oh dear lord, she is whining again. bye!

Rachel Lucas said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you guys got together. I am some sort of gun-girl-matchmaker now.

And ah-hah! Now I know jjs's actual name. Everything is coming together in my plans to take over Earth.

I soooo wish I lived near you guys.