Friday, March 14, 2008

Hiring a Prostitute is bad- M'kay

I'm not going to link to the entire interwebs so that you can read yet another story on Elliot Spitzer. Here's my take because I know that you are on pins and needles waiting to find out. He's a horny bastard and is only sorry that he got caught.

I don't really give a damn whether or not his wife was putting out at home. Yeah, that's bad for a marriage. Yes, she may carry some blame for the breakdown of their relationship, but she carries absolutely no blame in the whore poking scandal. The only way you could place this on her head is if she took him by the hand and led him to the house of ill repute.

Men have urges. That does not mean that they are not responsible for the decisions that they make. I am shocked that the men of the world are not outraged with the accusation that they are no better than animals ruled by their most base instincts.

I shouldn't be surprised though. Our society has given so many handouts and encouraged the victim mentality so much that people have ceased to believe they are responsible for their own actions. Too many men have allowed rape apologists to blame the shortness of a woman's skirt rather than their own violent intentions, so why should I be surprised at the silence here? Too many women are willing to treat their bodies as an amusement park.

For the record, "Kristen" is no victim here either. She's an adult that decided to become a prostitute. She will have her 15 minutes, but she will always be remembered as Spitzer's whore. She chose that path as an adult. The things that drove her to that decision don't really change the fact that it was her decision to make.


instinct said...

You mean he's actually RESPONSIBLE for his actions? Wow, what a concept.

Here's the amazing thing to me. Here is a Republican who gets caught doing something stupid and bad and he is immediatly told by his own party to resign.

On the other side of the aisle we have Bill Jefferson ON TAPE taking a $100,000 bribe and he hasn't even been charged yet and the Democrats have essentially taken the stance of "What's the big deal"

Both men are slimy and both should be gone.

Anonymous said...

Re: Bill Jefferson: It's sad, but it seems that money scandals just don't resonate with most folks the way sex scandals do. I bet if "Kristen" had been some sort of industry lobbyist instead of a slut and ol' Spritz had been caught taking cash bribes from her this whole thing would never had gotten farther than the back pages of the Times.