Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well it came as a shock to me

Will wonders never cease? I found a feminist that I seem to be able to have a rational discussion with.

Let me give you some background. I joined the BlogHer network recently. I'm sure some of you may have noticed the new ads showing in the sidebar. Just below the ads, there are links to headlines written by other members of BlogHer. I was very excited to see my post, A Woman's Right to Choose, in the BlogHer rotation.

Since I was looking, I decided to check out other headlines. And I found The Curvature. Although I may disagree with some of her ideas, I respect her. She disagrees with me as well. There are issues where we agree, and I may cover these in the future. Respectful debate is the only way to progress especially on delicate issues like abortion.

I am pro-life personally. I believe that once a child is conceived, he or she deserves the rights granted to any other living creature. I think abortion is a tragedy and should only be employed in the most extreme cases. I do not think criminalizing abortion is the way to get there. I am sick of the pro-lifers that will give their time to protest a clinic but not to reach out to a girl in crisis. And I believe the vast majority of women in that position are in some sort of crisis. This is not the time to ridicule them and label them with scarlet letters. I don't believe any woman sets out to have an abortion. I believe every woman that is considering one wishes that she had never gotten pregnant (or had a medical condition) in the first place. These pro-lifers have entirely too many members in common with the crowd that labels single mothers as whores. It's no wonder they consider termination as an easy way out. These girls need compassion.

Abstinence is certainly an option. I believe it is the best option for single women, but I don't have the right to force my beliefs on anyone else. God gave us free will on purpose. I can only share my beliefs and why I carry them. I also think that all forms of birth control should be readily available. (Guess I just gave away the fact that I'm not Catholic.) In my opinion, the best way to combat abortion is with education, options, and support. I would challenge any pro-lifer that is willing to give their time and money to protest a clinic, instead take in an unwed mother that was kicked out of her parent's house and help her find adoptive parents for her unborn child. Let her know that she is worth the time, energy, and love bestowed upon her. That would speak volumes beyond any words that could ever be written on a sign.

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Rick said...

Surprisingly I was watching CSI one night a few years ago and the Grissom character said (referring to abortion) That the bible says "life is in the blood" I looked it up and it is there. So I have modified my view that all abortion is wrong, to after 8 weeks. I am a Christian that attends church regularly maybe I will take some flack for that, but it sounds reasonable to me.