Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ack! I missed Monday

Ok, I hate Monday's anyway, but I'm really trying to keep up with writing this. And then I see that most of my hits were from Monday. I'll have to write something good to make up for it. I'll find something worth writing about. Maybe you'll get a bonus entry for Tuesday! I actually have to do my day job for now though.
Oh yeah! By the way------Warning! Shameless Advertising----it is time for fundraising for my son's elementary school. They've caught up with the times and started online sales. Follow this link
If for some reason that does not work, type this into your browser: www.all4kidsinc.com/store/brochures.php?sID=ida7235
Grandparents get upset when you don't share this information. Readers get annoyed when you do. Don't feel obligated to buy anything no matter what category you fall into

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Pet's are 4 Life said...

We tried to clicks on the link to the good story? Buts it didn't work. Our momma could use a boost, leave us a comment at our bloggie if you get some free time and maybe sends her the link. :)