Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The Ice Storm cometh! I know you missed my ramblings yesterday, but I have a really good excuse. I live in the Midwest. You know, where the weather happens. School was called off, and hubby's office closed. I still needed to go in. So my sweet husband excavated the car from it's 3/4 inch ice cocoon, and the three of us piled in for the slow creep to my office.

We lumbered past the idiot carnage to each side of the road and down to my office. Well we really shouldn't have bothered. We had power when I arrived, but no network connection. We decided that it was stupid for us to sit around staring at each other, so we all went home. Thankfully hubby hadn't made it too far since dropping me off and was able to come right back. Whatever would we do without our cell phones?

Like good midwesterners, we went to the grocery store. You can't weather an ice storm without proper martini making supplies. Milk, eggs, and bread help too. We loaded up the loot and crept home dodging fallen tree limbs all the way. All the while thinking of the steak and eggs we were about to prepare once I had changed into some squishy slipper socks. Yes, I adore fun socks of all kinds.

We got home to this.

Yep, that would be the lovely Bradford Pear that graces my front lawn. Well, it was lovely on Monday morning. Now it looks like it had a bad hair cut.

We decided to go inside and unload groceries before throughly inspecting the tree only to discover that we had no electricity. It was on when we left that morning. But then again, our tree was whole when we left too. So we packed up the perishables and put them on the porch. It was 25 degrees, that's cold enough to keep the milk from spoiling. I took a big stick and beat what ice I could out of the remains of my tree to hopefully save what I could. Seems to have done some good since no more has fallen down.

We called the in-laws and carted our steak and eggs to their house. We had a nice lunch and couple bottles of wine. They had a couple of brownouts while we were there but nothing serious. By the time we got back home, we had power and sis-in-law did not. But they have a fireplace so they were able to stay warm.

Kiddo is still out of school today, but it's back to work for the rest of us. He gets to hang out with my dad today.

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Kirsten said...

okay, now I'm jealous. Not of your beautiful tree or of your having to creep to work, but because it actually feels like December only two states away! I have the kids in shorts and just turned on the A/C (the official temp at 2:00 pm is 75). Keep the pics coming and maybe we can cool down while dreaming of a slick Christmas!! :)