Friday, November 30, 2007

What A Surprise!

I really do try to refrain from making fun of Steven Weber too much. Really, I shouldn't go read what he writes because far too often the temptation to ridicule is just too much. But how could I possibly resist this list? The number one thing this pompous, liberal blogger is thankful for is his thesaurus! I'm not making this up. And this one too:
My ability to become sexually aroused at even the most horrific or banal moments.
Correct me if I am wrong, but did anyone really want to know? Maybe this explains why he writes his column. He's just creating his own horrific moment to share with the world. It's like literary masturbation. (Hmm, first time I've used that word in my blog. Should get some interesting search engine referrals.)

Sorry I've been absent for a couple of days. Been very busy.

UPDATE: Thank you Rachel Lucas for saying it even better

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instinct said...

Jennifer, you really need to put a parental block on the huf post, you KNOW they sit around that place sniffing their own farts and telling themselves how great they are.

But, in the spirit that the post was made, I suggest that we too come up with a list of equally stupid things we are grateful for...

I'm grateful for the ability to not throw up when I look at anything on Huf Post.

I'm grateful that my bowel movements are smarter than Steven Weber

What are you grateful for *said in a stupid whinny tone*