Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Snicker worthy news

I've been wanting to write about this for a while, but just haven't for one reason or another. Boy George (yes, I am referring to everyone's favorite pseudo cross-dresser) has been accused of chaining a man in his London apartment. Boy George apparently invited this guy over to pose for some pictures and then kept him imprisoned in his apartment against his will.

I don't know, but I would assume that Boy George is not exactly intimidating to the majority of men. I probably shouldn't, but I am drawing the conclusion that this is one of those pansy sort of guys that spends more time on his hair than I do. This type doesn't generally qualify as a 'man' in my book. First of all, I don't know any self respecting man that would go home with Boy George for 'pictures' (because we all know that's all the invite was about). Secondly, if a real man found himself if Boy George's apartment, he would get out. Candy chains with fuzzy cuffs are not actual restraining devices. And finally, if due to being drugged or otherwise unable to prevent finding himself chained in Boy George's apartment, upon release would never speak of said event again. Not a peep. I know there are a couple of men that read this--Am I wrong about any of this? But not this guy. He goes home with Boy George, allows himself to be tied up and whatever else we won't mention, and then goes and tells the police. Can you imagine how hard it had to be for the detective to take his statement without laughing in his face? These images make me laugh. But I have been accused of having a rather twisted sense of humor.

Speaking of things that shouldn't make me laugh, how about the antics of the Catholic Church? Apparently there is a lot more at risk in the upcoming presidential race than the possible election of a harpy shrew. You risk your very soul (said in my best creepy horror movie voice). Forget grace! Apparently an ill thought vote can damn you to hell. Wow. I had no idea. Here I am attempting to judge the candidates on the basis of how well they could do the job of president and Whammo! apparently my salvation hangs in the balance as well.

Oh wait! I'm not Catholic! Whoopee! Whew, that's a huge load off my shoulders. Now I can go back to worrying about the liberal idiots convincing the populace to vote in the harpy chameleon communist.


Michael said...

Oh, good grief! I liked your blog, but the only other comment is spam?!?!???!?!? What is this, myspace? How in the world did you get Brazilian spam on your blog, anyway?

Instinct said...

Looks like you may have to have us all register before commenting :(

And as for not being Catholic - well then, you're damned to begin with then

Jennifer said...

thanks guys! Brazilian spam now deleted. Sorry meant to get to it sooner.
Cool to attract international visitors, not so cool to get spammed by them. Ugh