Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Suddenly Felt 11 Years Old Again

I was browsing political news for blog material and found a story about John McCain making a list possible running mates. I pulled up the link and was drawn immediately to the sidebar. I've taken the liberty of providing a screen shot so that you can experience it more like I did. And just to prove this isn't some Photoshop trickery, I employed my mad digital editing skills in drawing mustaches on the main article picture. I especially like the dandy purple one on McCain.

You can click on the picture for a better view of my silliness.
So I was completely distracted from McCain's VP list by a little blub about the New Kids On The Block. Apparently, they have gotten back together. I will admit that back in the day, I was a fan. I was also a pre-teen at the time. Thankfully they are looking far more heterosexual now.
Well, kind of. Honestly, as the die hard capitalist that I am, I hope this is a huge success. I still have some memorabilia from the first time around. Hopefully it will go up in value, and I can make a fortune on eBay. I have a giant button with a picture on Donnie Wahlberg around here somewhere. Somewhere there may be a hat and a silk wall hanging. Scary huh?

If the tour comes through my area, maybe I'll get a silly group of chick friends together to go see them. Now we are old enough for alcohol. Their concerts are bound to be more entertaining that way.


Ladyshambles said...

Well, they're way fitter now they're older... will the music match up?!

Jennifer said...

I'm very curious. It may be morbid curiousity.